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The Kart that starts your career

The chassis for the youngest drivers. Made entirely of tubes with a diameter of 25 mm. Recommended for children aged 6 – 8 years

Safety of Praga products is the key factor when developing new chassis.

Chassis is developed and tested by experienced engineers in order to guarantee safety for our youngest drivers.


  • Ø28 mm tubular frame made of high-strenght 25CrMo4 steel
  • MK14 – Puffo bodyworks with CIK-FIA homologated supports
  • mechanical brake system with Ø140,5 mm steel rear disc
  • top line steering system with Ø300 mm wheel
  • adjustable footrest system
  • aluminum alloy Ø5 inches rims, 115 mm (front) – 140 mm (rear)
  • “puffo” seat with adjustable system
  • Ø25 x 960 mm axle
  • Ø17 mm spindles with Ø8 mm kingpins
  • wheelbase of 800 mm
  • weight of 43 Kg
*We only offer the stock roller version (no tires or engine) online since most US clubs and series require spec tires and motor packages that differ by region. Please call 405/473-5169 if you would like to inquire about purchasing a complete package or would like a custom competition package.