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The TACHO EVO racing kart chassis is the second top line chassis in the Praga product line.

It’s the chassis that won the 2012 World Championship, 2016 Rock Island Grand Prix 125cc Shifter Masters, and continues to perform well with amateurs and professionals alike.

The TACHO EVO STR chassis with Front Braking System and 1050mm wheelbase can be used for any Shifter related motor package. However, it is also well suited for use with other motors such as the IAME X30 TAG, ROTAX or KT100. The TACHO STR chassis is a tried-and-true chassis, having won races around the world including the 2012 World Championship. The frame design is a 30mm tubular frame with a 32mm center crossbar, making it comfortable to drive and great for drivers looking for lateral grip on Sprint tracks and Enduro courses.

Technical Specifications

  • Ø30×2 – Ø32×2 mm tubular frame made of high – strength 25CrMo4 steel
  • FP7 – Stilo bodyworks with CIK-FIA homologated supports
  • Hydraulic brake system, brake pump with oil recovery tank, floating iron cast brake disc:
       RBS: ventilated Ø195 mm rear brake disc
  •  Top line steering system with Ø330 mm “Le Mans” steering wheel
  • 8.5 L of tank capacity
  •  Magnesium Ø5 inches rims, 130 mm (front) – 212 mm (rear) with beadlock screws
  • “Racing” seat, size 1 | 1+ | 2 | 3 | 4
  • Ø50 x 2 x 1030 mm, S | MS | M | MH | H | EH | X axles
  • Ø25 mm spidles with Ø10 mm kingpins and camber – caster regulation plates



Wheelbase XS1: 1050mm
Overall Length 1940 mm
Overall Width 1315 mm
Overall Height 545 mm
Weight RBS: 50 kg

*FREE AXLE WITH PURCHASE!!! Chassis comes with a Medium axle, you will receive one Medium Racing axle for funing.